Jewelhaven Proxy The Phosphor (M)
JCC No.316500        2008.8.8
      G-CH. Barkley's Universal Studio,CD
G-CH. Barkley's Tournament Leader,CD
      CH. Barkley's Future Moon,CD

Sire G-CH. Barkley's Blue Pancer

     G-CH. Barkley's French Striker,CD
G-CH. Barkley's Hollywood Illusion
     G-CH. Barkley's Beautiful World,CD

    AmCH. Vennessee's Midnight Edition
AmCH. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman,ROM
    AmCH. Fantasy's Cover Girl

Dam AmCH. Hollyoak's Winds of Change,ROM
    Poetry in Motion at Hollyoak
AmCH. Hollyoak's Born Blonde
    Hollyoak's With The Dawn